Cooking background:
“I’ve been cooking for myself since I was about 15; my mum was working full time when I was at school so I would cook for myself when I got home. I think I really discovered how much I enjoyed food and cooking in my early 20’s; I loved cooking for friends and family and got more and more adventurous in the kitchen the older I got. A while back I discovered I had two half-brothers and two half-sisters; I finally met them a couple of years ago and all of them are massively into food and music! So I would say there’s defiantly food and music in my blood!”

On MasterChef:
“My sisters and most of my mates have been nagging me to apply for years! I was always a bit hesitant because it’s what I do to relax and I didn’t really want that to change. Last year my sister Lizzie practically forced me to fill the application out. I can’t be more grateful; this has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life, and hopefully will get even better. It has changed my outlook on what I want to do in the future!”

Cooking influences/ passions:
“I now enjoy quite technical cookery. There is definitely a similarity between what I do for a living and my cooking. As a sound engineer I am always dealing with both the scientific and creative sides of music and music production. I think this is also reflected in the food I like to cook, I love thinking up new dishes or thinking of ways to play with flavor combinations and textures of classics. I enjoy the science and precision involved in the more modernist style of cooking, but still love the simplicity of good ingredients and classic cookery. As much I like cooking fancy or complicated food, if cooking for my wife or family it would have to be a roast dinner. I love comfort food; it’s something we all grew up with. My wife’s family are from Pakistan and they used to have an “English“ night when they were growing up where they would have a roast chicken or lamb and roast potatoes - all be it a little spicier than we would in my house!"

Cooking ambitions:
“I would have loved to have cooked for Keith Floyd. I think he was one of the first people I ever saw cooking really good food. He always looked like he was enjoying himself and I think he would have had a few good story’s to tell over dinner and a glass of wine. Being on MasterChef has definitely made me want to look at food and the food industry very seriously. I think ultimately joining my two passions would be amazing; being involved in a restaurant where the music and food as are as important as each other would be great!"