Katy Beskow is a cook, food writer and cookery tutor with a passion for good food. She is also the founder of the award-winning website, Little Miss Meat-Free.com.

Her recipes are featured across a range of newspapers and food magazines and Katy works with brands for recipe development. Katy is constantly creating new recipes, demonstrating at food festivals, writing for magazines and teaching modern vegan cooking. Food is her number one love and she hopes to change the general perception of vegan food, by showcasing what is possible with seasonal and fresh foods. Katy's passion for food has humble beginnings and she has been vegan for 8 years.

"I am an ethical vegan, with a primary love of great food. I am a true foodie and love trying new things, so I like to think of all the things I can eat. I enjoy plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, seeds, pulses, oils and grains. And I eat cake often. I avoid all meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey and animal products, which still leaves me with a mountain of incredible food."


*Image Courtesy of Dan Jones