Elliott has worked with the alchemist for 8 and a half years, and has had a few roles in his time, but has always been hands on with cocktail development and staff training. The Alchemist is a mystical apothecary, dispensing the most creative cocktails and delicious all-day dining with a twist.
He is currently the Head of Bar Training & Development, and is responsible for the onboarding of all new recruits and the training process to take them from, potentially a person with no bar experience at all, to a fully-fledged alchemist bartender. He collaborates with the Head of Cocktail Development regularly, and is part of the team that writes the cocktail menus and invents the magic.

He has a team of 46 trainers across the UK who help deliver consistency across 19 venues.
Alongside this he is responsible for curating an exciting development scheme to keep our 168 bartenders challenged and motivated; this often includes advanced training sessions and competitions.