Becky Excell is a gluten-free cook and Sunday Times best selling author. She's been gluten-free for over a decade and began creating recipes which recreated all the foods she could no longer eat.

After posting these on her blog, these recipes quickly went viral in the gluten-free community as not only did they not look gluten-free, but they didn't taste gluten-free at all either. Her blog has now amassed 30 million views and was named one of 2021's top 10 food and baking blogs by Vuelio and the 2020 food influencer of the year.

She now has a social media following of 400k+ followers and has collaborated with Dr Oetker, KitchenAid, Kenwood and Waitrose, with her recipes being featured in many of the national newspapers and magazines including BBC Good Food Magazine, Hello Magazine and Stylist Magazine.

Her debut cookbook 'How To Make Anything Gluten-free' is already one of the bestselling cookbooks of 2021 alongside Jamie Oliver and Tom Kerridge; it was also inducted into Nigella Lawson's coveted cookbook corner by the legendary home cook herself, who stated that "Becky is Queen of gluten-free."

Her second book 'How To BAKE Anything Gluten-free' sets to show budding bakers how to transform their kitchen at home into their own personal gluten-free bakery - full of freshly baked bread, doughnuts, pastries, cakes, cookies and tons more. It's released on the 30th of September 2021. Upon its announcement, it shot straight to number 1 in the Amazon book charts.

You can find Becky on Instagram (@beckyexcell) sharing quick cooking and baking videos or mouthwatering food shots. Or you can find her fan favourite food blog at