Max is a Personal Trainer and Online Health Coach with a rapidly growing social media following. He trains many high-profile celebrity clients, influencers and tastemakers including some of the world’s top models. After experimenting with intermittent fasting he realised the power it had to burn fat, boost energy levels and banish hunger pangs. He developed his own method known as “The 2-Meal Day” which is a fundamental part of his tailored online plans. Max uses his passion for “real food” to create delicious, simple meals with a focus on nutritional content.

After four years of experience as a competitive sprinter, Max believes that our motivation to train should be positive rather than negative; instead of training because of a negative body image, we should focus our energy on training like athletes, aiming to be the fittest, fastest and strongest version of our selves.

Max’s philosophy combines intermittent fasting and training like an athlete as a highly effective method to create long lasting and sustainable results.

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