Meet the chef director at Duck & Waffle, the restaurant that never sleeps, sits 13,423 sq. ft. in the sky and in the third UK’s tallest skyscraper.

Since 2012, Dan Doherty has brought a rich and colourful past to the 24 –hours-a-day four-star restaurant that has been long-term recognised as one of the hottest bars in London.

Dan has gone on to win awards such as the Tatler’s Rising Star at the 2013 Restaurant Awards and mentioned as ‘among the high priests of Britain’s culinary revivals’ in the Guardian.  He has appeared on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch and BBC’s 1’s Saturday Kitchen and often demonstrates his skilful talents at festivals and events. 

Challenging the way people think about food, he explains that as a chef, “there is no greater feeling than to watch someone eat and see a smile come across their face as they have this ‘aha moment.’ That’s what cooking is all about.”

At 12:40, Dan will be bringing a modern twist to Christmas ingredients at the show, by demonstrating how to make dates wrapped in bacon with chestnuts, manchego, and mustard.

By 15.00, Dan will show how to make spiced scotch eggs with black pudding and apple and also illustrate how he makes his Christmas puddings with a twist.