hot chocolate

Here's an indulgent way to round off supper instead of a pudding. It's super-quick to make and the dark chocolate gives the drink a silky richness. No need to add sugar - the chocolate provides plenty of sweetness. 

Prep 5 mins 

Cook 10 mins 

Serves 6-8 



1.5 litres milk

1 and a half tsp ground cinnamon 

half tsp ground cardamon 

200g dark chocolate, minimum 70% cocoa solids, roughly chopped, plus extra for shaving 

100ml extra-thick double cream



1. Pour the milk into a pan, sprinkle over the spieces and brng to a gentle boil. 

2. Add the chocolate, turn down the heat and let the milk simmer gently, stirring every now and then until the chocolate has melted. 

3. Divide among six or eight glasses. Lightly whip the cream, and spoon on top with some chocolate shavings. Enjoy immediately!


Top tip - For hot milk chocolate, use the same quantity of chocolate, but with 30-50% cocoa solids. Want to add a splash of booze? Brandy, whisky or a liqueur are ideal: pour it in with the milk, and before adding the chocolate, let it simmer for 1 minute to cook off some of the alcohol." 


Recipe from the Ideal Home Show Cookbook