Eat & Drink is delighted to have SquareMeal as one of its key media partners for this year’s Festival. SquareMeal covers 20,000 restaurants throughout the UK. Its Top 100 London restaurants has been closely followed for the past 30 years and they also produce a Top 100 UK Restaurants every year, alongside hundreds of other bespoke restaurant guides, all backed by a combination of expert opinion and reader votes.

Find out why Bibi took the 2022 crown in London and why Osip in Bruton has been the no 1 sensation in the 2022 Top 100 UK Restaurants. Cool new places in the London list include ever-inventive Fallow in St James’s, KOL in Marylebone and Evelyn’s Table in Soho. While highfliers in the UK list include Pensons in Herefordshire, The Woodspeen in west Berkshire and Pine in Northumberland.

Take part in this year’s survey (from 14th November 2022) by visiting SquareMeal. The new UK and London lists will be announced in January 2023.

SquareMeal Rewards
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As a valued Eat & Drink Festival visitor they are delighted to kickstart your SquareMeal account with an initial 300 points. Sign up and register your card here to receive your introductory points automatically and start collecting more.