A tale as old as time and an ongoing debate that has divided people for centuries, how to cook the perfect roast potatoes.

According to Jamie Oliver, the secret to the best roast potatoes is to leave your pre-boiled potatoes soaked in goose fat or butter and all the delicious seasonings in the fridge overnight. Gordon Ramsay believes the trick to the perfect roastie is semolina and rosemary along with the oil in the baking tray to really flavour those delights. Some people are team garlic, some are team plain. Some people like cubed potatoes whilst others like a good ol’ Maris Piper. The debate goes on.

The humble potato originated in the Andes in South America and was transported to the UK thanks to returning sailors from Peru. When it reached the UK, it became quickly accessible, particularly for the poor. It is believed that the origin of the potato in a Christmas dinner was thanks to Queen Victoria, although at the time they were mashed rather than roasted.

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