With just 9 weeks until Christmas, the festive aura begins to bubble, and the need for sweet treats has surfaced. For many, nothing screams Christmas like diving in to a delicious sweet, chocolatey treat, gifted by a friend, family member, Santa or even on your own accord. But where has the Christmas chocolate tradition come from?

The much-loved Yule Log’s origins lie in an ancient Nordic tradition, first recorded in 1184. It originated as an actual log, that would be burnt in the fireplace over the winter season to celebrate Winter Solstice.

A fond memory that many share from their childhood, receiving a gold, chocolate coin in your stocking from Father Christmas. But did you know that the gift of chocolate coins derived from the three Wise Men and their gifts to baby Jesus?

And the love is worldwide. In the Philippines, a chocolate drink is enjoyed as part of Noche Buena or midnight mass on Christmas Eve. In Austria, the feast of St Nick usually takes place on December 6th, followed by chocolate delights ranging from the famous Sachertorte, to chocolate cream.

However here in the UK, there’s no better way to celebrate the Christmas chocolatey spirit than at the Eat and Drink Festival sponsored by Quooker, where you can relish the hundreds of exhibitors selling their chocolate treats. For chocolate lovers, visit Bloc-O-Choc at stand M215, where you can enjoy Chocolate Blocs, edible cookie dough and many vegan options.

If you’re a brownie lover, then visit Northern Brownies at M320, Chocolate Dino Company at F545, F546, F540, M212 or Cake Tin Bakery at M204 where you can indulge in some delicious, chocolate delights, full of different chocolate combinations.

Whatever your chocolate treat of choice is this Christmas season, visit the Eat and Drink Festival sponsored by Quooker, and explore the different chocolate varieties until your heart is content.