For many, the Christmas dinner is the highlight of Christmas. Sitting down after an afternoon of Christmas movies and games to tuck into a delicious turkey roast is for a lot of us, the best part of Christmas, with 54% of the UK choosing the humble turkey as their roast of choice.

It wasn’t until the 16thcentury that King Henry VIII introduced the turkey to our festive dinners. Before then, goose, peacock and swan were England’s favourite Christmas roast. But throughout it was mostly a treat devoured by the upper class, as in the 1930s a turkey would have cost over a week’s wages.

Now, turkey is much more accessible and enjoyed by the masses every festive season. Turkey can be cooked in several ways, with many keeping their secretholy-grail turkey recipes close to their chest. Cooking the centre stage roast can be a daunting task.

Fear not! You can visit The Christmas Kitchen at the Show and hear from expert Mark Lloyd, as he prepares the Perfect Christmas Turkey for Christmas Dinner. Whether you prefer the traditional Christmas roast, a simple turkey crown recipe, or a modern bird with trimmings, Mark is here to help you make the most delicious turkey, that will impress your guests like no other.

Or you can visit Masterchef finalists Billy and Jack, also at The Christmas Kitchen, where they will be cooking their festive favourites to accompany your delicious turkey roast.

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