my Spike cooking tool

mkySpike – Vertical oven cooking without the twists & turns!

Whether you plan to make Shawarma, bake potatoes, roast a chicken, slow cook a joint of lamb or even taco al pastor for the family or want to have a go at making your own Doner kebabs, this genius vertical oven cooking tool will help you achieve your cooking goals.

It`s so easy to use, simply season/marinade, spike it, put it on a tray and stick it in a pre-heated oven! No need to turn and it also reduces cooking time as it cooks from the inside out!

The starter kit includes a spike, weighted base and silicon oven mitt, it is available in 2 sizes - 20cm or 25cm tall depending on the height of your oven, a simple design beautifully crafted out of lightweight aluminium.

Give yourself more choice and better cooking options

Check out mySpike at stand F70.