Sapling Spirits

Sapling Spirits are coming to this year's Eat & Drink Festival Christmas! Started by friends with an ambition to grow a company that benefited it’s local environment rather than create a negative impact, Sapling Spirits was born. Sapling Spirits is a British vodka, distilled using a non GMO wheat from Newbury and famed for it’s environmental ambitions. Since launching in October 2018 they have planted over 4,000 trees, having committed to planting a tree for every bottle sold. Due to their trees and local production methods, Sapling is proud to be the world’s first carbon positive vodka.

Sapling is currently distributed throughout London and the south of England and therefore uses a under capacity distillery in London. Soon they will be expanding to the North of England and Scotland where they will use a distillery and wheat that is local to where it is drunk.

Discover their unique vodka at this year's show and help support thier mission to turn the world's spirit industry into a natural force for good. 

P.S. Did you know that Planting trees has recently been championed as by far the best way of tackling climate change by Tom Crowther a professor at the Swiss university ETH Zürich who led the research that has flooded our news outlets in July!

Check out Sapling Spirits at stand F120 and also find them at and @saplingspirits