Midsummer Nightcap are a fully converted 1950's Cheltenham caravan bar (very unique design in the UK) offering an enticing selection of classic and novel refreshments for shows, weddings, parties, festivals and all-sorts! 

Midsummer Nightcap is fully customisable- they created a beautiful bar with bifold windows and wooden hatches to entice people to their bar, but it can also be personalised so they can create something unique for each event.

They are available to serve a broad range of classic drinks on request, such as cold lagers, local craft ales, Prosecco (all on tap); traditional cocktails made from premium local spirits; vintage wines and champagne.

They can create unique and different offerings for each festival and event, from frozen cocktails in the summer to warm winter apple punch and pimms for winter- which they will be serving at the eat and drink festival as well as our winter mojitos!

The Midsummer Nightcap experience spans beyond the beverage- They carefully select 1960's- 80's tunes for customers to jiggle to from their vintage suitcase speaker! We can offer as much seating and tables (and games!) as needs be, for kids to climb on and adults to laze in.