Rice N' Peas or Plantain Fries or In a Wrap 

Betta than Jerk Pork 

Sexy slow cooked n jerked pork/it comes with their oh so speciail Dookies gravy and finished off with sweet chilli sauce. 

(In a wrap) apple and mango chutney, rocket, mature cheddar cheese. 

BBQ Chicken Lickin 

Yummy boneless chicken breast and thigh pieces seasoned to within an inch of their lives to bring you the finger lickin BBQ chicken. Choose between our fiery jerk BBQ sauce or regular old BBQ sauce. 

(In a wrap) homemade slaw, lettuce, mature cheddar cheese. 

Da Peppa Bean 

Our brand new vegetarian option is bussing up the airwaves! Smoked kidney beans, black beans and butter beans balled up and infused with sweet peppers, chickpeas and scotchie pepper. Finished off with a layer of chimichurri, jerk and sweet chilli sauce. 

(In a wrap) wild rocket and mature cheddar cheese (V)


Plantain fries/seasoned fries

Fry-cut plantain or skin-on fries, lightly drizzled in Dookies tasty spicy seasoning 

Rebellious Wings 

48 hour marinated, red-stripe jerk wings, garnished with fresh spring onions and scoth bonnet shavings and finished off with signature Dookies Jerk BBQ sauce. 

Jerk n' Chezzy 

48 hour marinated jerk wings, garnished with fresh chopped parsley and sliced peppers and finished off with their brand new red stripe and garlic infused 3 cheese sauce.