Filo pastry pies:

Spinach and feta
Roasted vegetables and parmesan
Chorizo and roasted peppers
Filo pastry quiches
Ham and cheese
Roasted vegetables and goat cheese
Spinach, feta and ricotta with pine nuts
Chicken and mushroom
Beetroot, goat cheese, prunes and walnuts
Spicy chorizo and roasted peppers,
Kale, cherry tomato, feta and ricotta

Triangle shape filo pastry pies:

Ham and cheese
Chorizo and roasted peppers
Spinach and feta
Tomato, feta and olives
Roasted aubergine and parmesan


Greek salad
Bulgar wheat salad
Couscous salad
Potato and spinach salad
Average prices:
Any pie with 2 salads £7.00
Any quiche with 2 salads £7.00